Boston Tea Party was designed as an intro page for student projects. Students as Bearden Middle School designed flash movies as part of a class project. I designed the Boston Tea Party page as an introduction to the student projects. The student's projects were quite large so they have not been included here. The idea behind Boston Tea Party was to capture the theme of ocean and harbor. Thus the background picture is actually an image of the Boston Tea Party. The capture the idea of sailing and the ocean I chose to make the links flags that looked like they were flapping in the breeze. All the of the elements are the page where chosen to try to capture the feeling of sailing on the ocean.

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences was a redesign of a existing website. I used a javascript to create the dropdown menus. A table was used to control the layout and CSS was used to make the buttons on the right side and the bottom and to control text style. The layout was a copy of the annual report that the school puts out each year. The colors chosen the Mercer University colors. The example here is an preliminary mockup. The final site design can be seen at

East Tennessee Breastfeeding Coalition was a new site I created for a nonprofit organization in Knoxville, TN. The intro was created using Flash and a table was used to control the layout. I created this site using Dreamweaver. Fireworks was used to change the speed of the animated gifs that appear on the right and left side of the header. Originally these were extremely fast and I was able to slow them down appreciably. Actual rollover images are used for the menu buttons. This was one of the early designs that I created and was intend to be simple enough that the end user could make periodic changes themselves.

Tricia's Home Plate is a new site that I am designing for a personal chef in Florida. The hosting site offered templates which I used for the new site. I am in the process of trying to modify the template to meet out needs. It seems to be based on javascript.

Image Map is an interactive map of public unstaffed computer labs on the University of Tennessee campus in Knoxville, TN. The map was intended for use by lab managers who were unfamiliar with many of the labs. The labs could also be difficult to find because they were inside large buildings or apartment complexes. Thus a map of the building or complex showing the location of the lab is also included. The image map image was created using PhotoShop. The images of the buildings are actually Autocad drawings. I had to install an Autocad viewer on my computer to view the images. Then I was able to save them and modify them using PhotoShop.