This section contains various examples of instructional materials that I have designed over the past few years. Some of these where intended for web-based delivery while others where intended for use in the traditional classroom.

The PowerPoint modules were designed for training lab managers who had to maintain and repair HP printers in public computer labs.

The OIT procedural guides were also intended for use by lab manager but cover more general job duties.

The image map is an interactive map of the Office of Information Technology public computer labs at the University of Tennessee. Many of the labs were inside buildings or large apartment complexes and often new employees had trouble finding them. The map was intended to help employees unfamiliar with the areas locate the labs.

The Impact tutorials cover the use of a multimedia laptop cart and were intended for faculty use.

WebCT contains a few examples of procedural guides that I created for students and faculty who used WebCT at Mercer University.

Training Workshops contains a few examples of faculty training that I have developed. These examples include workshops that I created base on the needs to faculty. Topics include using WebCT, an introduction to an audience response system, and a short workshop on accessing faculty webspace using FrontPage. These are the PowerPoint files that I used during the training.