Directions to the labs


Directions to Sutherland

  1. Leave the Dunford Parking lot and turn left on to Volunteer Blvd.
  2. At the stoplight, turn left onto Cumberland Ave.
  3. Stay on Cumberland Ave for 1 mi. You will pass the railroad trussle, Tyson Park, the highway over pass and Kinston Apartments until you reach the stoplight at Concord and Cumberland.
  4. At the stoplight turn right onto Concord Ave.
  5. Travel 1/2 mile to the stoplight at Sutherland Ave
  6. Turn left onto Sutherland Ave.
  7. Travel 1.7 miles. You will pass West High school and the armory on your right
  8. Just past the armory, turn left into the Sutherland complex.
  9. The lab is in the third building on the right.
  10. Park anywhere in front of the building

To Golf Range

  1. Same as above but stay on Sutherland for 1.8 miles.
  2. Turn left on to Mann St. The road between Golf Range and Sutherland.
  3. Stay on this road until you reach the next intersection. You will pass four buildings.
  4. After you turn the corner, the lab will be the third building on your right just before the bus stop
  5. The lab is facing the street in the middle on the building on the first floor.
  6. Park anywhere in front of the building.

To Kinston.

1. Turn left on to Cumberland ave.
2. Travel about 8/10 of a mile passed Tyson Park and under the highway over pass.
3. Kinston apartments is on the right at the top of the hill.
4. Park on the right side of the building or in the paring garage behind the apartments.

To Laurel

1. Turn right onto Volunteer out of the Dunford parking lot.
2. Go through the stop light and head up the hill on 16th street
3. Laurel will be on your left at the top of the hill
4. There is a parking lot on the left side of the building. Park there and enter through the lower door.